About Me

Myself :

For the simple Montrealer that I am, 2012 was the year that changed my life. Everything began when I had some time to kill and a camera to play with. I decided to give it a try and since then, I've been learning, practicing and shooting all the time. I slowly started shooting vehicles for a friend of mine who needed a photographer and wanted to create something different for his articles, quickly becoming specialized in automotive photography even though I didn't know a lot about those beast on four wheels.

Being a huge sport fan and an athlete myself, I really like the way photography could make it physical. On the other end, I love everything related to technology and quickly incorporated photoshop in my editing process. It's a step that, in my opinion, makes a good picture transform into something unique.

The Picture I take :

Each picture is different and need to be retouched in a particular way. This is why I take the time to edit every picture without simply applying preset effect. In my opinion, one strong picture is worth more than ten mediocre one and this is why I will always prioritize quality over quantity.

On another note, I like to stay true to the location. It would be possible to simply create a background for every subject I shoot, but I prefer to take the time to find locations that fit with the subject and the message it want to share.

Using Format